Monday, March 30, 2009

kids say the darnest things.

i try and seek adventure in everything i do. when i worked at doe river, this is one of the four things we go over with the kids the second day of camp. the first being, choose joy, the second, guard yourself and others, third, love your nieghbor, and fourth, seek adventure. anyways, i am always thinking of ways to seek adventure...saturday, i was driving with three kids in the car, and i thought it would be fun if we listened to disney songs loud, i put on the song from tarzan 'you'll be in my heart...' and rolled down the windows, i was listening to the kids sing when i heard 'beauty in my heart...' i started laughing. this little voice was coming from a 7 year old, she was singing so loud and beautiful. i just soaked it up.