Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To My Bestie.

This post is to my best friend Brittani Sampson. Which will soon be Brittani bailey. She sent me a picture message this weekend of her hand/ring asking me if I would be her maid of honor. I nearly started crying out of pure joy for my best friend. It happened at the top of a ski slope in Montana when Tim asked to have her hand. And her life along with it. She accepted. My best friend is getting married.

I remember like it was yesterday when I met her. It was at Shades Mountain Christian School. We were in the same class in 4th grade. That’s when it all started. Aka us having many adventures. And us getting in trouble all the time. Mrs. Martin was our teacher. Francis Martin. She had to put up with us. Those were the days when we would connect our desks with ‘bridges’ made out of paper. And when we would flick things with spoons during lunch, occasionally hitting teachers. We would innocently pass notes during social studies with Mrs. Sheridan. Poor lady. Poor us, for being separated all the time. Then, beginner band, every squeak that came from our clarinets led to uncontrollable laughter. High school. The more mature days. Or should I say the opposite? I think so. ‘Dumb math’ with Mrs. Tippins. Aka us throwing things out the window and torturing bugs by smashing then in our math books. Bible class with Quinn Hill. Aka us putting jacket fuzz on Brittany Moore’s head. Mrs. Laatsch’s math class. we had A’s but I don’t know how. Then, theeeennn, good ole Bette Brasher. One of my favorite classes. Enough said. On the weekends, we would spend all of our time going and going and going. We would never stop. Whether we would be rollerblading, making things (we always made things), playing Nintendo (aka Mario party and cruising USA), swimming, going to galleria fun country, running errands with Mrs. Sampson, playing with legos (which would always turn into us eating them, throwing them, and sleeping on them), jumping on the trampoline with 20 balls, or sleeping in round inner tubes on the same bed. We always made sure we were never bored. We would only get a few hours of sleep, then, we would wake up and start it all over again. We were best friends. We knew friendship. So much so that even when we were just sitting downstairs by ourselves doing nothing, peeing in our pants was always the result. We were always laughing. I wish I could sit here and write every memory I have with her, but unfortunately, I don’t have enough time in the world. So just believe me when I say that we have so many fun memories that I will treasure. I count them as blessings. I count Brittani Sampson as a blessing. I love her.

‘If I had a dime for every time you made me smile, Ide be rich in which I could buy the world.’

Its not like she died or anything, I just wanted to write this to her before she gets married.


Ann Marie said...

oh how sweet Pey! and thats so exciting you get to be MoH! thats a very fun thing too!

haha=my word verification word is "humbeen"=a bean that is feeling bah-humbuggy, AKA a bean not in the holiday spirit

Peyton said...

ohhhhhh ann marie! i just laughed so hard!!! thank you for that balderdash definition.

my word: voutemer- the military term for 'ready, aim, fire.'