Friday, November 28, 2008

cotton socks.

a dear friend of mine asked me the other day what my favorite christmas song was. i tried to give a quick answer but nothing came to mind. not one song popped in my head that I would label my favorite.

and i puzzled and puzzled til my puzzler was sore. (grinch)

i couldn’t come up with ANYthing. I like them all.

Well, of course im always listening to christmas music on the radio, duh, and ive been paying close attention to all of the songs, trying to come up with one that could possibly be titled my favorite.

…well, im hear to tell you that I still cant come up with one. However since I cant give you ONE, here are a few of my favorites…

Do you hear what I hear? - whitney Houston

Rockin around the Christmas tree - brenda lee

it’s the most wonderful time of the year – bing crosby

it’s the holiday season - ?

jingle bell rock – bobby helms

have a holly jolly Christmas – burl ives

its time to start saying merry christmas bc its nearly here. ive already watched elf, the grinch (fake and real), home alone, and a Christmas story. Christmas movies/music warm my heart. and bless my soul.

on that note. merry christmas.


RDJones said...

all those are my favorites too! Ahh

Adam M Sleeper said...

merry christmas to you ... and I told someone else that earlier for the first time this year! ... and thanks for new lungs wish!