Saturday, January 24, 2009


this exact date last year i was posting my first post. january 23, 2008. i was a new one. an unexperienced blogger if you will. but now....noooooooow, im experienced. it took a lot to get here.

i remember i was at UCF (mtn brook) when rachael jones and heather talked me into getting one. i was sucked right in and didnt even know it. (please refer to my first and older posts).

its nearly 12:00 and im so ready to sleep. my roommate went home this weekend. aka its very quiet in my room. its nice. and lonely at times.

happy blogger birthday to me!

ps 109 days til summer.


Ann Marie said...

happy bloggy bday Pey!

"deduk" : "Ya, mon, I love feedin de duk in de pond. But I have to be carefool not to run over de duk in my bobsled." = from a deleted scene in "Cool Runnings"

Peyton said...


that is how i just laughed. REALLY hard. its a good thing i wasnt in class. oh me. i am still laughing.

wv: "rosinisi:" in Italy, this would refer to 'the maid of a weathly family's house.'

(be sure you roll the 'r').

RDJones said...

oh Pey...aren't you glad i talked you into might be my favorite blogger