Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lepers visit the enemy camp.

2 kings chapter 7:1-11. read it. before you read this post.

maybe we are wondering why the world is the way it is? why are the people acting the way they are acting? why did people vote for obama? its because of one reason. they are LOST. they are DYING. they are living in SIN.

however why don’t we ask the same thing…to ourselves…why are the lost acting in such a way? why are WE acting in such a way…? we are dying as well. we are also living in sin. why don’t we take a look at our flesh? its bc ‘we are christians. we are better than them.’ NO. we are such a selfish people. the lepers in the story were eating more than have in there entire life! …soon after that they said ‘we aren’t doing what is right! this is a day of good news and we aren’t sharing it with anyone! so they went back to the palace and told the people.’ what an incredible example of how we should live everyday! i am currently wearing jeans, a nice warm sweater, boots, and mittens. i am so rich! we are so rich friends. there are poor homeless starving people on this freezing day who, didn’t forget their coat, they don’t HAVE a coat. They don’t HAVE food. and maybe they don’t have JESUS. we need do be like the lepers and get up off our butts and go TELL! everyone.

so lets cast ourselves into the darkness! its uncomfortable. its ESSENTIAL.

we have to DARE to make the uncomfortable comfortable.

how big is our comfort zone? well, how LOST are the people outside of it?

we have to DARE to follow our unseen source. aka JESUS CHRIST.

we will DARE to share our ABUNDANT blessings. he WANTS us to.

lets go. lets go tell people. help people. take care of people. encourage people. lets be convicted. forgive us oh Lord for our laziness. and snobbishness. ‘we are keeping the GOOD NEWS to ourselves.


Green Hippo said...

I saw the light bulb go off in your head this morning in Chapel while I was listening to TK. It was a good moment.

RDJones said...

truth pey truth indeed...we talked a lot about this in staff meeting at SMI today...and I hate to break it to everyone who has a stick up their bum about Obama being the president right now...but God chose him. not my choice but it was His. Love you!

Peyton said...

haha!! yeah laura you saw it when he was talking about the dinosaurs! ha!

He did. love you!

Green Hippo said...

Well I guess I saw it there too.