Friday, January 16, 2009


i had the privelidge of watching my best friend try on wedding dresses today. i couldnt stop smiling. she is so beautiful. it was bittersweet. actually, just sweet.

rachel was taking pictures of me and ann marie last night...she adjusted the shutter speed to where it was open for a long time...she told me and ree to move our arms around...the end results? well, me and ree had nubs.

confession. i have new favorite songs each week. i try not to. but i cant help it. i mean, i do have my top 5 favorites, sort of, but for some reason i have different favorites from week to week.

i think my cat is searching for treasure. or something. shes climbing and digging through all the pillows on my bed. like shes looking for something. maybe her lost kit kat bar. or maybe her dental floss. or her favorite chili recipe. or the beetle she was playing with earlier. or...oooorrrr her magical spacesuit. y-yep. she found it.

there are paper snowflakes hanging directly above my head. i hung them a while back. speaking of which, it should probably just snow. its like 25 degrees out. it just needs to go ahead and snow. tonight. duh.

i played golden eye 007 last night. which lead to me almost peeing in my pants. me and lindsey grefseng used to play that game for hours at a time. its such an intense game. i dont think its good for my heart. however non-cooked noodles are.


Ann Marie said...

I. Heart. Noncooked noodles.

WV: tupedna
The medical word for installing a tupee or other artificial hair on a gentleman.