Saturday, January 31, 2009


today. i went on an incredible adventure. kayaking. in the vast ocean. i went home with my roommate baxley this weekend. she lives in panama city. aka shes got connections with the pacific. doy. me, her, and another friend went kayaking to some islands. across the bay. goose bay, to be exact. however we didnt see much geese. none actually. maybe they should think about renaming it. when we pulled our kayaks onto the island, we stepped in a lot of mud. and when i say a lot, it went up to our knees. i tried running but i didnt get anywhere. we trail blazed. and saw fish bones. and rope, in which we made bracelets out of. then we traveled back across. and now we are eating chips and salsa. mmm.

things i saw on my adventure:
sea snails.
sailboats aka fellow seamen.
lots of dry seaweed.
manta rays.
fish bones.
a dead crab.

ide say it was a pretty good day.

God bless sailor leo. i saw this on a sign last week.


Green Hippo said...

I love Goose Bay so much.

Southern Agrarian said...

Long live sailor leo!!