Monday, January 19, 2009

birds like me here bc i always give them food.

im all moved into my humble abode at school. things i hung up in my room: slow children at play sign. a cool 5 piece picture frame. an old painting i did at shades mtn. a vintage iron candle holder. and on each side of that, african squared plates (one has an elephant, the other a giraffe). a patch-eyed bird picture. big-bulbed satin lights. a huge picture from about 1950-its potato sack material with yarn-embroided flowers. a cross. my hippy mittens. a coloring-book picture of an indian. 9 pictures hung up by paper clips and strung by himp. and a poloroid picture.

i feel so lonely without my mandolin. i am mandolinless.

try to say 'irish wrist watch' fast.

ps this is my 113th blog post. i have 113 days til summer. weird.


Green Hippo said...

So two of the things that you hung up are associated with me.

The Indian picture and the "Slow Children at Play" sign, DUH!

Peyton said...

very true!!