Thursday, January 22, 2009

music in my marrow. aka my bones.

last night me and my roommate baxley hung christmas lights. everywhere, literally. on the wall. on the ceiling. it looks incredible.

this morning:

alarm clock. snooze. alarm clock. snooze. shower. warm. mousse. makeup. blue dress. coffee maker. splenda. internet. overthe music. christmas lights: on. coffee: ready. music: playing. morning: perfect.

lets review.

christmas lights= on.
coffee= ready.
music= playing.
morning= perfect.

FISHING POLE is to HUNT as BIKE is to:

A. shark
B. mermaids
C. mittens

no cheat sheets. no phoning a friend. your on your own kids.

110 days til summer.


Green Hippo said...


Ann Marie said...

Mermaids? i was never good at these..
glad you had a lovely morning!

gabioeb: a greek word for a person who talk excessivly

Peyton said...

you're both wrong.

it was A. shark

Adam M Sleeper said...

oh i got it ... a SHARK!

thanks for the prayers, i am always in need of them!