Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rambling rose.

when i was little i wanted to be a policeman bc i could run fast.

i will be at home all of next week. aka spring break bebeh! i am so excited.

the book 'the shack' is amazing. it puts things in a different perspective.

i am listening to nat king cole.

i really like chips and salsa.

and curtis take home cheff.


wendy said...

1) yay for breaks! wish i had another one. mine's already over.

2) chips & salsa rock

3) wendy loves peyton :)

Peyton said...

haha! sorry, im praying mine goes by really slow!

i love you!

Cannonicity said...

I am glad to see a southerner likes the SHACK! I am reading it too. I mean it ain't no theological gem or anything buttttttttttt makes you think differently about God. and how He sees you. Makes me want to know him more.

loved seeing you presh!