Sunday, March 8, 2009

earl grey.

the other day i was out for a drive when i saw this dirt road in the distance. i decided to take it. on this dirt road i found a gynormous field that seemed to never end. and a lake. and a very cool bridge. i got out of my car to take a picture. i bent down and put my hands on the barb wire fence only to find it was an electric fence. i didnt notice. it wasnt a regular one either. the voltage made me jump in shock and fall over. as i was sitting, i started laughing. most fences arent that powerful, i mean, they just give ya a little shock. not this one. it zapped me.

i went to the beach yesterday. the ocean has a way of warming the cockles of my heart. it was relaxing. and sunny. and beautiful. the water was about 3 degrees. aka i didnt swim.

daylight savings time. i love it. for many reasons. one is that i can play outside til 7:30. i have fond memories of doing so.

i think i ate two oranges everyday this week. mmm.


Adam M Sleeper said...

thats hilarious! the fence ... I laughed out loud!

Green Hippo said...

I need to take you down Danford Bay Road. And take pictures of you looking awesome.
Good idea? I think so.

Peyton said...

it wasnt hilarious at the time.


RDJones said...

oh my goodness... i just laughed so hard