Tuesday, March 10, 2009

texas=quail hunting.

as most of you know my intramural basketball coach is black. he is so funny. im the only girl on the team and last night he told me i 'was one of them.' my life is complete.

i desparately want fresh food. vegitables. fruit.

i made a 96 on my old testament mid-term. i had to go 'back in time' as one my friends put it.

today was a very beautiful day. weather-wise.

my laundary is almost done. mmm.

i bought hippy stationary today. now i just need stamps.

the people in the room next to me are yelling. its not funny.


Green Hippo said...

True Story: I bought Frank Sinatra stamps at the post office Friday...be jealous.

Peyton said...

oh my! i must go get them at once!