Wednesday, March 4, 2009

free willy had rollerblades.

last night i took benadryl. an hour later i was in a different world.

i bought some cereal at target. cashew apricot granola. soooo good.

i went to the 'graceville library' yesterday. it is the smallest public library i have ever seen. i went with a bad attitude bc i knew they wouldnt have the two books i was looking for. they did. and the old lady at the desk gave me a bookmark. it has a teddy bear on it and says 'a good book is a good friend.'

saturday im going to the beach. it is supposed to be 75 degrees. holla.

im currently dusting off my spy gear. got a mission.

me and my friend are baking our math teacher a cherry pie. aka he loves us. aka we love him. aka thats his favorite pie.

70 days til summer.

i put some pocahontas on my ipod today. its been a good day.


Ann Marie said...

jealous you are going to the beach! :( have fun!!

Peyton said...

well i will see you next weekend right?! beach party time...

Cannonicity said...

your awesome

Peyton said...

thanks manda.