Monday, March 2, 2009

a few thoughts out of so many.

holiness is hard. i knew it would be but there are a lot of things i need to be working on. controlling my tongue. thoughts. emotions. temptations. reactions. i am learning so much. and i am growing. my relationship with the lord is where it should be...he is my best friend. he is my hiding place, refuge. he is my savior. i spend a lot of my time with him. he is teaching me so much, and i praise him. holiness is something that will take a long time, and i will never reach it fully. it is something i will always struggle with. the Holy Spirit and satan are at constant war. they are constantly fighting over me. we already won. Jesus took the wheel. victory.


Adam M Sleeper said...

i have the same thoughts about holiness ... and the same thoughts about a lot of other attributes of God that I want to imintate!