Monday, March 16, 2009

ribbons and lassos.

my two best friends came down and spent the weekend with me. we went to panama city saturday. and it rained. and we went to destin sunday. and it rained. but being in their company was delightful. we had some pretty extraordinary memories that i will never forget.

i want a dog so bad.

i spent an hour in the dothan library last thursday. i was ready to check out three books. when i got to the front desk the lady informed me that you have to live in dothan to be able to check out books. i threw my books in her face and screamed. at least i wanted to.

i asked a little girl the other day why she thinks we dream…she said ‘so we can have fun stories to share with our friends the next day.’

my team in basketball won the championship game. aka we are the champs. my black coach was so proud of me. our team name was chocolate thunder. heh heh.

i hate grape jelly beans. they taste like tylenol.