Wednesday, March 11, 2009

0+ = someone got my lucky blood.

i gave blood today. for a really good cause. aka the insane man who took 12 innocent lives. i guess a lot were injured and needed blood. the blood drive was held at a church near the small town, samson. the preacher was very thankful for all of us who came. and there were a lot. aka we waited 3 hours in the scourching sun. after we gave blood my friend was so light headed when she talked it didnt make any sense. me and my other friend were laughing extremely hard. i said, 'my arm is twitching...' she replied, 'put some ice cream on it.' (we got ice cream from chick-fa-let.) i was nearly in tears from laughing at all the funny nonsense she was saying. lets just say i drove us home in her car.