Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the day after yesterday.

me and some friends have been playing scrabble. i played the most intense scrabble game of my life last night. i loved it. last week, me and this girl got so into it and she ended up winning by only a few points. well, sadly to say, last night, she beat me by a point. a POINT!!! i was so disapointed. the sad part is i was head the WHOLE a lot of points. :(

we are about to watch pocahontas. my favorite character of all time. if i were any disney character, i would be her.

amore: that means love in italy.

i did a 'how to' speech today on CPR. i used my friend stephanie. it was funny.

i really like the color purple. im wearing a very purply dress right now. w black leggins. and a black long sleeve shirt.

today i ate an orange and it reminded me of this summer. they say smell is the most powerful sent that makes you think of memories. me and my friend were eating lunch, it was just after we had been tubing down the river, (every time you get out of the river you smell really bad) well, our watches stunk so bad, so we rubbed the orange on our watches and it smelt so good for the rest of the day. i did that today and it made me miss doe river.

im blogging.

there is this road near my school and it has a huge hill, and if you go really fast it feels like a rollercoaster. seriously. every time i go over it i think my car is going to fly off into space. like, wings are suddenly going to appear on the sides of my car.

im still unsure about swoopy bangs.

oh i painted that canvas i blogged about earlier. i painted grass. with two different color greens. it looks very very cool.

'if i were a painter, i would paint my memories.' -norah jones.

we are learnng about earthquakes in earth science. i find earthquakes fascinating. God is so cool.

its 11:48. 12 minutes til the middle of the night. im pooped.

every time i blog, the time that says when i posted my blog is always wrong. i dont know why.


Rachel said...

My time used to be always wrong as well. I learned two things to make it right:
1. The manual setting in Blogger is to Pacific time. Egotistical Californians. So you have to set it to be in Central (or Eastern) time zone. I don't remember how but it's possible.
2. The automatic time on your blog is the time that you first started writing your blog. So if you start it at 9am, then take a break, go to school, ride down fast hills and run through fields of daisies THEN get back to blogging at 9pm, it will still say 9am.

You can manually set your date AND time on your blog before posting (or by going back into it and editing). At the bottom of your post, it says "post options". If you click it, a new box that was deceptively hidden will magically appear like in a video game. And there, you can change your time.

p.s. - Chris and I love to play scrabble, but we always get tired of it with about 20 tiles left. We need Scrabble Lite.

Peyton said...

thank you! i need to change my time then.

we never have ENOUGH letters. about 5 of us play every time though, so thats why. scrabble lite...haha.

Rachel said...

Well then, I should just mail you about 20 of my letters!!!
Let's see. . . I always end up with like 5 I's at once, so I'll send you two I's. . .what else? ;)