Thursday, October 9, 2008

maybe i could be a volcanoe.

its october! yay! its been october for a while but im still excited. its that time of year where we get to dress up and eat lots of candy...mmm.

candy corn is one of my favorite foods.

i still dont know what i want to be for halloween. i was thinking i would be link again but im just not sure. maybe i could be a doubt. i love zelda. and video games.

maybe i could be a funk beat. or a memory from an old playground. or a meatless diet. or an indian. that sounds fun. speaking of indians, last night me and my friend went to dicks and bought a blow gun. with fake darts. the directions say not to use the gun for shooting people. weve been shooting people. it also says to have adult supervision.


Anonymous said...

you and a blowgun. NOT good. :)

wendy said...

you could def pull off the indian thing. :)

yay for blow guns! sounds fun!