Monday, October 27, 2008

The Alphabet Soupe Store.

i went home this weekend. it was pleasant. me, kristin riley, rachel jones, and meredith derosa had this incredible idea to have this 'alphabet store' and sell something of each letter. we would only have ONE thing for each letter.

like this:

A- armoire.
B- baguette.
C- uh...i never wrote C down.
D- dingleberry.
E- eeps peeps.
F- faggot.
G- gargoyle.
H- hysterectomy.
I- iggy pop.
J- jinosaur.
K- kickstand.
L- linoleum.
M- myrrh.
N- niglet.
O- oil spill.
P- peg leg.
Q- quick sand.
R- rat egg.
S- stark raving lunatic.
T- toothfairy.
U- umbilical cord.
V- victoria's secret.
W- wiseman.
X- x-ray.
Y- yodel.
Z- zickerman's famous pig!

we figured that these are some pretty good things, so they're probably gonna sell out, so we thought we would have lots of stores everywhere, each store containing different things.


mom said...

as long as you don't call it the abc store.

Peyton said...

its called the alphabet soupe store.