Thursday, October 23, 2008


home. warm. casseroles. barefoot. blankets. fall. paper airplanes. sunsets. rocking chairs. back porch. coffee. fellowship. conversation. john freeman. black. racism. bad. mushrooms. poison. snakes. lizards. shoots. ladders. construction. hard hats. butt cracks. plumbers. butt cracks. mullets. rednecks. joe dirt. worms. fishing. boats. pirates. argh. patch. patch eye peyton. peg leg. beards. possibilities. macaroni and cheese. milk. the grefsengs. fun. adventures. daring. batman.

thats all.


Adam M Sleeper said...

i just saw from heather's blog the link to yours ... i read some ... i love other peoples' blog, including yours

just thought i would drop a line

wendy said...

LOL... milk. the grefsengs.

haha... where did that come from??

Peyton said...

thanks adam.

i have vivid memories of mrs grefseng not letting me leave the dinner table until i had finished all my milk. their glasses of milk were so intimidating. they drank milk with every meal. i love those memories.

RDJones said...

oh Pey... hah you should post the Alphabet Store

Peyton said...

i actually have been meaning to!!! funny you say that...i really was going to!!!! just wait...:)