Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pro chicken...anti wing.

confession. i hate wings. i hate them.

last night in the cafeteria they were serving all kinds of chicken wings. well 'teriyaki' was one of them. now, i already knew i didnt like them, but i thought i would give them a second chance. im not gonna lie, they looked really good. so i got them...and they were really good. it had a good taste to it, but in the process of eating them, i got teriyaki sauce all over my face, i dropped one and it literally rolled all the way down my new jacket and onto the floor, and in the end, i was still hungry. so obviously i regreted giving them a second chance. eating them is pointless...POINTLESS!

now, i will admit they do taste good, but they are so stupid. you work SO hard to get SO little meat. that is why they are pointless. in fact, im gonna make a list of how dumb they are:

1. they are extremely messy.
2. you use up about 50 napkins in the process.
3. you only get so much meat.
4. you are hungry in the end.
5. and who looks good while eating these things? no one. its very unattractive.

so there. there you have it. hate me if you will. in my opinion, they are the worst idea ever.


Ann Marie said...

I agree Pey! Ribs are guilty of all the same offences too...

Peyton said...

but theres WAY more meat on ribs...and you have the option of using a fork...which i do :) and the meat comes of a LOT easier. but in a sense, your right.

Adam M Sleeper said...

i am gonna just say ... all the reasons your dont like to eat the wings .... I love to eat them!

Messy? Yes please! I think its fun!
Unattractive .... maybe ... butis it fun? Yes!

just sayin'.... thats only from my personal experience thus far!

wendy said...

i love wings... lots and lots :)

RDJones said...

I love buffalo chicken fingers the best... try them!