Monday, October 6, 2008

arguments in fall.

what happened to the glorious fall weather??? i dont know why it left. its weird to think about...two of the greatest seasons are fall and spring, and they're the ones that dont last for very long. it seems like fall gets here and then shortly after, its already time for winter! and winter always seems to linger on, and then spring arrives gets here, and then its already time for summer!

here is some commentary:

fall: yay! im the greatest season! im here im here!

winter: please, you wouldnt last a day in this seasonal rotation. get out of here!

winter: its going to be a loooooong cooooool dryyyyy winter. heh heh.

spring: hey its my turn!!! i want a turn!!! let me in let me in!

winter: not yet! im going to start a blizard in march! ha!

spring: but that'll only give me...1,2,3,4...59 days! ugh. i hate you.

summer: moooooove over! its summertime!

thats really how it is. i love fall and spring. but they only last so long.


Ann Marie & Scott said...

i just laughed so hard out loud! that is oh-so-funny-but-true Pey! nice post!
and i wish it were FALL all year long...just for the record

Peyton said...

thanks. i was sitting in the library doing homework when i had this thought that most peoples favorite season is the shortest one. and thats when i started blogging:)

haha thanks ree!

RDJones said...

oh my goodness i just laughed so hard!