Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rain and aliens.

today is rainy. i love these days every once in a while.

i feel trapped in the library.

its monsuming and i think the building is about to collapse.

i am wearing my rainboots. its a good thing. or else my feet would be very very wet.

i think i might go for a bike ride later. riding in puddles is a fun experience. it makes me feel care free. me and my friend did it a few weeks ago, i think i blogged about it, well it was very exciting. and we got wet.

on a completely different note, me and my friend started this secret note thing in the library, its where we write notes and leave them in this book titled UFO'S Interplanetary Visitors.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, agadore. bewildered indeed... i bet you have a secret alien twin. i wish. tishlish.