Saturday, October 18, 2008

falling waters state park.

we had a day at the park. it was an adventure indeed.

these are my friends. sierra, my roommate, is on the left. the other is becca.

we ate lots of goldfish. mmm.

we had lots of fun jumping off the swings. although, we could never immitate this picture again. its pretty weird and awkward.

i thought this was a cool picture.

we sold some stuff. " a few baseball cards, sack of marbles...aha peedie..." (dumb and dumber)

i spit on becca. it was really funny.

butts out! these are our best sides.

trail blazers....hey, that reminds me of a song...'saddle up your horses...we got a trail to blaze...waa-ooo-ooo.'

we had a lot of fun. and then later we played cards on the dock at the lake and 'star gazed.' a day to remember.


Jennifer said...

Once again, I am commenting in reference to the song you mention in your post - weird.

I heard that song tonight - at the Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith concert here in B'ham!!!!! Awesome stuff as they did a quick little diddy of blasts from their pasts.

Peyton said...

haha oh thats funny!!!