Saturday, March 29, 2008


i visited a Bible College yesterday with my cousin, aunt, and my mom. its "Bible College of Florida." its in Graceville, Florida. it was really nice and pretty. i believe it only has about 700 enrolled students, so its very small. i liked the people, they were very welcoming. my cousin, Kessler, will be attending when she graduates from high school in 2 years. i just dont know what to do. i dont have a clue where the Lord's leading me. i hate making big decisions like this. it gets me stressed out. i guess the other college im interested in is Montevallo. its so hard deciding things like this. i wish God would just write me a little note telling me what i need to do. wouldnt that be cool? anyways, this is currently my life right now. its not that fun. i hate school.


RDJones said...

So God told me you should go to UAB... just kidding... I told me you should go to UAB... or Boyce.. take your pic :)