Thursday, March 27, 2008

All the Deputies of Eufaula.

so here i am again blogging from somewhere else bc its fun. actually im blogging bc something fun just happened and i needed to write about it while it was fresh on my mind. so me and my cousin were on our way home from Dear's house (thats what everyone calls our grandmother), and we saw 6 police cars ZOOM by, maybe 100 miles per hour or so, me and my cousin decided to follow them bc we thought it would be adventurous. we put the petal to the metal and raced right behind them like we one of them. then we saw about 6 different police cars going the opposite direction. we didnt know what to do, so we turned around and followed the "new police cars." well low and behold we found the crime scene...well technically it wasnt a crime scene. we drove by very slowly and i rolled down the window and heard a policeman yell at somebody that was involved, "YOU! SIT DOWN!!" that was the best part, we kept driving by thinking we would get more and more acion each time:) we think while the police cars were chasing after the victim, someone was pulling out of a neighborhood and accidently hit the police car. so i think the rest of the police cars went on and a few stayed back, bc 2 ambulences came. everyone in town will be talking about this tomorrow, bc its not a big town and they dont get much action. (i mean,which is probably a good thing) (we are just hardened to all of the things that happen in down town b'ham)
welp, i thought that was worth blogging for. i wish you couldve been there. i cant really put into words the excitement we felt. it was a night to remember. 10,4.