Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"reminiscing"...or "bethinking" if you will...

i love daylight savings time. i like to save daylight. it makes me think of when i was little and would get to play outside AFTER dinner too. me and my neighbors (jonerskine and jonathan) would play all day outside and then it would be time to eat dinner and i remember seeing him come to the kitchen window and i would still be eating and i would yell "hold on, im almost done!" and then we would continue playing whatever we were playing before dinner. good times. i grew up with a bunch of boy neighbors. so i was always getting dirty and what not. but it was fun, except when they would pick on me. something fun that we would always do was we would take out the battery to those "mini barbie jeeps" and we would ride down the huge hill on my street at an incredible speed and then occasionally go off into someones yard and flip out of the jeep. we didnt ever wear helmets. i had a girl neighbor, she lived up the street, we didnt play much, but she taught me how to stand on the seat of my bike while going down a hill. haha. yeah, i think now shes in one of those rollerskating leagues where they beat eachother up and stuff. weird.