Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so ive been deathly ill. jk i just have a cold. but i was on my way to school this morning, and i was listening to norah jones, and i figured out i sound just like her bc im sick. her voice is so cool and like airy, and since i have a cold i can sing just like her. i love it.

me and mom are about to leave to go to eufaula. shes having her 40th high school reunion (i know what your thinking) (she is old). and also me and my cousin and my aunt and mom are going to visit a bible college in dothan, AL. im not too excited about it bc thats not where i want to go, but im asking God to give me an open mind.

im very excited about seeing my cousin, shes 16. i love her. her names kessler. i know, cool name.

i really like chips and salsa.

and Curtis Take Home Chef.

im gonna marry him.