Thursday, March 27, 2008

comforting thoughts.

im currently with my aunt at the elementary/junior high school she works at. its a school and church combined. (like shades mtn). my cousin is in school now, so im just hanging out with my aunt. my mom is going to eat with some old high school friends...i wasnt invited, and i dont have a problem with this. this school is so cool. its small and sort of old/antique looking. theres lots of "antebellum" homes in eufaula. i love it. i can see myself teaching in a small school like this, where everyone knows each other. i cant wait to teach. im thinking second grade...theyre old enough to zip their pants but they dont have so much an "attitude" yet. i think im gonna go sit in some classes and observe. i just met this really cute young married teacher. she seems like someone i could learn from.

i like blogging when im somewhere else. i feel like it makes it more interesting.


Kim said...

I like blogging somewhere else, too. Have a good time.

HJoy said...

2nd grade is a great grade! It is the "review grade" for 1st. If I taught elementary, I would want to teach 2nd or 4th. The even grades are the best :)
Be safe coming back! hope to see you.
Anytime you want to come to the good ole middle school, be my guest :)