Thursday, March 6, 2008


these two numbers refer to the numbers i made on my 2nd psychology test...yup. woo-hoo! well, i studied...and i told you that the questions were not even gonna talk to her about this one...she didnt help me with the last test, she just showed me the answers. she has a black heart. i know it. she was so mean in class yesterday. this boy got up quietly and walked out and she was very surprised that someone got up and walked out...she said "excuse me...? take your seat! is this an emergency???????" and the boy was like " mam...i think im dropping the class..." she was like "well it would be A LOT more curtious to do that AFTER class...!!!" well this went on for about 5 minutes...she just...aaaaahhhhh makes me so mad. its not her business to ask where hes going...its ok. we cant even get up to go the bathroom...and HOW OLD ARE WE??? i cant really explain her. you would just have to be there. sometimes i want to throw a tomato at her face or something.