Monday, March 3, 2008

helium in my brain, tricks, othello, and sunshine.

last saturday i went to lisa's nieces birthday party. she turned two. her names kimsey, shes so cute. it was fun watching her open presents. later when some of the relatives left, me and colby and cameron decided to steal all of the helium from her balloons. we talked and then laighed really hard. its always fun killing brain cells. maybe thats why ive never made good grades.

well, talking about grades, we had psychology test number two today, it was fierce. i studied very very hard, i knew all of the defintions from the FOUR chapters we had to know. mrs stork is SO tricky. i hate it. she messes with my brain. one question she combined three definitions. it was a multiple choice question and, for the most part, i knew the definitions for the possible answers, but i went up to her and said, "i feel like you combined the definitions of each of these into one definition...i said, "is this a trick question?" and she said..."welllllll..." thats all she said, and i circled a word in the question and said "is this the key word..." and she said "yes." i thought ok good. one down, 49 left. pretty much all the questions were like that. and she told us to study chapter 12 the most, she said thats where she would get most of the questions from. so, i listened, and studied chapter 12 left and right, up and down, all over, and through...i knew just about everything...well, she only put like FIVE questions on the test from that chapter!! i wanted to scream. and then she said, "know all the parts of the eye on page 149!" so i knew that parts of the eye on page 149...but was that on there??? OF COURSE NOT!!! geez. so i dont know what to think...last test i studied for approximately 4 and a half hours straight and made a D! but i felt confident. so maybe since i dont feel confident for this test, i made a really good grade. hey...just trying to think positive. she makes my brain crazy...or maybe its the helium.

ive been loving this weather! i wish it was like this all the time. i layed out last monday and then again thursday...and i actually got some sun!! the end of february...who wouldve thought.

we have to write an in-class paper tomorrow in english on the famous shakespeare play "Othello." its so dumb. i hate shakespeare, his writings might as well be in Chinese.

thers a storm a'blowin in. that means i get to wear my rainboots tomorrow. i like wearing my rainboots. i might leave my window open tonight. i hope it doesnt get too cold.