Saturday, March 8, 2008

good times.

so i played "rock band" for the first time last night and scott and rees. i think i could play it all the time. me, kristin and rachel got real in to it and drew lightning bolts on our arms. it made me feel like i was really in a rock band. and i also wore a bandana on my head. its all about the look. i love "getting in character" for things like that. i like rock band. i could be addicted. but i cant, since i dont have it........maybe thats a good thing:)

so im in love with the song savior king by hillsong. rachel let me have her burned cd. shes so nice. i cleaned my room this morning and turned up that song real loud. i started dancing but then i remembered i was suppossed to be cleaning my room.

i made a snow angel on my back porch this morning. but its gone now. im glad. im ready for warm weather.


RDJones said...

Glad you like the CD. Saviour King is one of my current favorites too. I love Him ( the Lord) that is. Can't help it. makes me wanna dance too!