Monday, March 31, 2008

throw up your rock fist!

i brought out some old tunes today!!! michael w smith...anyone ever heard of him? i put in his cd this morning while cleaning my room and i was surprised at how many words i remembered. haha it was the cd "go west young man." its a good one. you should listen to it. it made me think of lindsey grefseng, bc we used to dance to one of the songs:) and if she knew i was writing this, she would probably beat me up.


Rachel Callahan said...

Oh, I had SUCH a huge crush on MWS in Junior High!! :) I thought his eyes were wonderful. . . =)

teagirl79 said...

HAVE I HEARD OF HIM?!?! OMG I loved MWS too in middle school!
I loved this album! I had it on cassette tape ;)
I went to the "Change Your World" tour that he did when DC Talk opened for his show! DC Talk were still rappers and this was circa 1992-ish...good times...