Friday, November 7, 2008

live news.

halloween was fun. i wish i could dress up as something everyday.

'peyton' is latin and it means 'village warrior.'

we lost our frisbee game yesterday.

me and some friends played catch phrase til 3:00 am this morning.

i watched 'cool runnings' the night before last. i love it so much.

me and sierra are getting a fish for our room.

im wearing mens golf pants.

im very excited that christmas music is on the radio.

i had a geometry project due this morning and we were supossed to decorate it. i decorated mine with feather. after i finished last night i made an indian hat.

theres a turtle named herman that lives in our dayroom. its a baby and he lives in a tank.

i played 'hang on sloopy' by the mccoys last night on a jukebox. it cost a quarter. ide say it was well worth it.

im getting a bike for christmas.

i put some new songs on my ipod. 'leavin' by jesse mccartney is one of them. that song makes me dance. it gets in my bones.

i cleaned out my room last weekend. i feel like a new person. i have about 7 empty drawers. but i have that feeling like i lost something, i threw away so much. some of it was junk and needed to be thrown away but other stuff i had a hard time letting go. but i knew i had to. sniff sniff.

im babysitting tonight and tomorrow night. i cant tell you the last time i babysat. im excited.

gillian welch and joanna newsom and david rawling.


Jennifer said...

I think Catch Phrase is the best game ever - well, that and Taboo! I bet playing that late into the night makes for a hilarious game!

I hope you're also getting a bowl of water for your room, otherwise your fish will be sleeping with the fishies before too long.

Anonymous said...

live news: joanna newsome, good. bike for christmas, good. both of those things i have also experiences. like, in real life. i listen to j. n. and i got a bike last christmas. it's like your future is right before yours eyes.

Peyton said...

jennifer: it WAS! we actually found new ways to play...we tried using only a few words to describe the word...and then we used only motions to describe!! try that! its really really hilarious.

time trap: oh me oh my. those are a few of my favorite things. we are twins. twins. duh.