Friday, November 14, 2008

step up 2: king of thieves.

i found something i love. i hung christmas lights in my dorm room. theyre not those regular lights, theyre the big round 'satin' lights. i hung them, turned out the ceiling light and felt like i was in a new world. merry christmas.

i want a good book to read. i actually hate reading but for some reason ive been wanting to read a good book. i want an adventurous book. like maybe something that has to do with traveling. traveling is good. and adventurous.

i really like bubble gum. the possibilities are endless.

when i was little i had this stuffed animal and i named it sister mary clarence.

so apparently spiders arent afraid of heights. really. think about it.

its friday and i have no homework. go ahead, congratulate me.


Jennifer said...

A good book that I just read is "Sisterchicks on the Loose". It's about a couple of women who get a wild hair to go to Finland and look up some relatives and end up in England. It is a hilarious book with good food for thought thrown in as well. The women are older, with teenage kids, so that part would be hard to relate to, but it's still a good, fun book.

Oh, and congratulations on the no homework thing.

Peyton said...

ok ok i might try it...thanks