Monday, November 10, 2008

new favorites.

i feel like a new person. listen. i have a very new taste in music. well, its not really new, but ive put a lot of new songs on my ipod. so im listening to new music a lot more.

joanna newsom.

wild sweet orange.

jon foreman.

gillian welch.

a fine frenzy.

brooke wagner.

kim taylor.

david rawling.

yael naim.


devendra banhart.

imogen heap.

these are all new people. sort of.

guess what?! ive been playing my harmonica a lot. i carry it with me everywhere.


Anonymous said...

sheeshhhhhh. how did we get to be twins, eh bweh??

Peyton said...

i dont know but i dont hate it. ge bweh ge bweh!