Sunday, November 23, 2008

me and my dad are currently watching animal planet…the title of the show is called whale wars…

the japanese go out and kill whales for, i guess, by-products and such. some ‘american whale lovers’ don’t like it, so they go out and try and stop the japanese from killing the whales. they are throwing stink bombs on the japanese ship. stink bombs. on the stink bombs they wrote things like ‘whales!’ and ‘we like whales!’

im so confused. why cant they just make whale killing illegal. this seems so stupid. if they really want to stop them then why don’t they just kill them.

the americans ships name is ‘steve erwin.’

and the american ship can talk to the japanese ship…but the americans are, of course, talking in english…um, don’t people from japan speak in japanese…oh wait, nevermind, they have this japanese translation book.

also, another way of ‘stopping’ the japanese from killing whales is they throw this ‘propellar choke line’ floating ball in front of the ship hoping that the ball will get caught in the propeller and slow them down.

unfortunately, they missed the first time.

um i hate this show.

on a different drinking wassail.


Green Hippo said...

I watched that's dumb.
I would rather watch the "Alligators and Crocodiles bite things" show.