Thursday, November 27, 2008

silver tuna.

i always forget how hilarious Home Alone is. that movie is comedy if ive ever seen it. me and some friends that watched it made cookies and hot chocolate and apple cider. and we drank milk. when i get the cookies fresh out of the oven i always want to pour the milk on them. kind of like sprinkles. i feel like it would make it so much better.

i went rock climbing today. i feel so strong. i climbed over 4 big boulders. my hands were a bit shaky.

i got my hair cut. i decided a day before i got it done. i knew if i didnt get it right away, i would change my mind. so its all gone.

orange juice hates picky people.

its currently thanksgiving. according to my clock. 12:20 happy thanksgiving.

i talked to my friend in Ukraine. i know. how incredibly awesome. Skype. get it.

i was playing with some of my favorite kids the other day and i was giving the boy, Josiah (who is autistic) a piggy back ride, and he was eating a sucker and he said, 'ya know what, peyton? this sucker is sooo yummy. just like you.' i laughed.

a whole bunch of us have been playing volleyball in the gym late at night. we always laugh so hard.

grandmas cookin tomorrow. mmm. i can almost taste it now. im thankful for her. not bc of her cooking, but bc of who she is. she is a very cool person. she cares so much about family, and more importantly, God. ive never seen someone with such a heart for the Lord as her. i can only hope to be a grandma like her someday. and my mom. both of them put together.

happy thanksgiving. aka happy grandma day.


Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. good post.