Monday, November 17, 2008

dragon warrior.

i watched Kung Fu Panda last night...hilarious. i laughed the entire movie.

theres this girl named sam at my school. she has extremely cute curly black hair. well today at lunch i named one of her curls after me. aka peyton. it was a really curly one.

i might paint today. i havent really decided what though. i painted two pictures for two of my friends in TN a few weeks ago.

its cold today. im wearing a striped cardigan sweater. duh.

im still really glad that christmas music is on the radio.

im sitting in my dorm room and i have the window opened and some guy just drove by and we made eye contact. awkward.

im excited its nearly thanksgiving break. and soon after break. ptl.

my heart is on the ocean.


Anonymous said...

You should probably paint ME a picture...-LL

Peyton said...

ok ok soon.

sam said...

this girl named sam must be pretty awesome for her to allow you to name a curl after you

mom said... i wish i had a curl named after me.........