Thursday, November 13, 2008

fun things.

good news. i made a 97 on my extremely hard geometry project.

and i made a 77 on my philosophy christian worldview test. (thats also good news).

tomorrow is 'preview day' at school. everyone is cleaning like their life depends on it. im blogging. aka not cleaning bc our room is always clean. lucky for us.

i bought apples the other day. im eating one now and it is soggy and i think i might throw up. soggy apples are so stupid.

ive been playing the game catch phrase a lot. theres a group of us that plays quite often. a 'phrase' that i came across was 'ballistic missile.' am i supposed to explain THAT. i thought it was a funny one. and im gonna start using it in a sentence.

theres this 'drive through convenience store' right down the road. me and my friend went and got boiled peanuts the other night. fabulous.

we put a christmas tree up in the day room. it has a blinking star on top of it. its probably the north star.

i really like the movie 'the ringer.' i know i know. but theres something about that movie that really makes me laugh.

there is this guy named will at school. he is handicapped and he is always listening to music. i always want to know what he is listening to. last night he told me he could freestyle rap so i beat-boxed for him and he tore it up. i never wouldve thought...


RDJones said...

ha oh pey i love you...and your blog!

Peyton said...

ha thanks! i love you.