Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How boutchyou, wid da eyes!

My psychology teacher is sick. She has an infection in her tranchea. or something that ends in an ea. I am on the back row. Blogging. Wasting my life away. Joke.

She also does yoga. Shes roughly 50 years of age. I worry about that.

Ive got some some good ideas about...Ide rather not say. Just know Ive got my thinking cap on.

I made a pom pom garland. Im going to hang it in my room. Another idea I got from this lady's blog. Just call me the craft lady.

The other night I watched Toy Story with the Fountain children. It brought me back to when I used to watch it as a kid. My best friend Sampson and I watched it more than anybody. We knew all the lines. We knew what was really funny in that movie. That movie is just so comforting to me. Just the very thought of my toys coming to life when Im not there is so magical. I believe it. After watching it all I want to do is play with my old toys that Ive forgotten about. Im old now. But I still have great imagination. Its a good thing I have such wondrous kids to use it with. It was great to share that with the Fountains. bc they are creative like Sampson and I used to be. And they laughed at all the parts I laugh at. It warms the cockles of my heart.

So theres this new song I love. Ive got the magic in me. Um, no, that was the name of the song. I knew what you were thinking. It is just so...good. I like the way the rapper raps. He is so unclear I just mumble the words. Wait, I do that for every song.

A third of my coffee is left in my cup. Its getting cold. What do I do? Do I heat it up in the microwave or push through? These are the thoughts that I struggle with.