Friday, September 24, 2010

raisins. rats. and...ridicule.

I thought I would continue celebrating fall by blogging some more about it. sweaters. coffee. pumpkins. carving pumpkins. good music. hats. leggings. fires. fire smelling clothes. art shows. cider. crafts. wind. boots. windows. scarves. wolfs. leaves. new thoughts. new ideas. things that are brown. and golden. fresh air. mountains. socks. books. letters on cool days. smoke. blankets. picnics. apples. apples of my eye. perspectives. cuddling. trampolines. playtimes.

I like to learn new things. I like to try new things. Like new songs on my recorder. heh heh.

I want to go play on a playground. Wearing sweats. mmm. Soon. Chancho. I need to borrow some sweeeeas.


Adam Maxey Sleeper said...

major props .... fire smelling clothing. I was around my first fire pit last night, it was good! O fall!