Wednesday, September 29, 2010

West Beast. East Beast. And Autumn.

I can never take my Vitamins without making a funny face. They sometimes make me gag. I dont know why I capitalized Vitamins. I guess they are important so they should be.

I am going home this weekend and I cannot wait to see my mother. She is the most wonderful in the world. We are going to have slumber parties and run errands and go ice skating and eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can and maybe even hold hands. bc dad will be out of town. So just me and the elder.

This banana Im eating is a stroke of genius.

This weekend is the Bluff Park Art Show. I have gone to it every year for a long time now. Its a big part of my life. The weather is always nice. Breezy and sunny. They also have the best bbq sandwiches. They are made out of wiches. Thats why they are the best. Sandwich. Sandwishes. A sandwich made out of wishes. Yum. My best friend and I have gone for years and years. We park at her grandmothers house which is like a mile away and walk. We have to walk down this really ginormous hill. I might bring my rollerblades this year. Her grandmother is nice. Shes one of the ladies thats in charge of the Art Show. She knows my name and everything. Then theres these Snow Cones they sell. I always get half blues clues half pina colada. Brittany always gets half tigers blood half pina colada. We both get cream over it.

I just cant wait. I am going to have the time of my life going home. Im leaving tomorrow so it is extra long. Plus the leaves actually change in Birmingham. They dont in Florida. All we have palm trees. Stupid. I have a bad attitude. Trees are my favorite part of nature and when they dont change in Autumn...well...I hate my life.