Thursday, September 23, 2010

nom nom nom.

Today is the first official day of Autumn. Fall Equinox. I have to do something fallish. Like go buy pumkins. or paste a leaf in my journal. or dress up as the pumpkin king. or watch a fall movie. or have a picnic. I think ill end up resorting to buying pumpkins and decorating my room. I love fall. So many good things. Too bad its the fastest season. Winter always barges in. The thing that really upsets me is the leaves in florida dont change. No lie. Not one bit. It depresses me every year. I hate florida. It ruins this season for me.

Last night I went to Waffle House at 11. It was Josh Wilsons bday. I made a toast. I brought my moustache mug and the lady gave me free coffee. After, we went to Walmart. My friend and I got in the buggies and our friends pushed us. We had Mario Kart racing. I won. I always win those kinds of games. Im surprised we didnt get kicked out. They saw us alright. Maybe they were in the equinoxal spirit. We got back at 1:30. I ended up going to bed at...3:00 bc of the coffee. And the racing. That was like a pre-game for the night. Got up at 7 this morning.

Kate Fountain and I made more hilarious videos last night when I was babysitting. I had to keep them at their grandparents house across the street. We dressed up in her old grandma clothes and made funny knitting videos. Sometimes I think we should make a comedy show. We are all just so funny together. They have great minds. Like Rocky and Bullwinkle.