Monday, September 27, 2010

slim jim swim fins.

I really like scrabble. For some reason I feel like it makes me smarter. I played this weekend. I won won and lost won. Try to figure out that riddle. Scrabble isnt Upward. Not everybody wins. Im the exception. Holla. I played on an Ipad. Which made me feel real smart bc its vocabulary was much bigger than my brain. I used words like frinca and adz and taj. My friend used words like dweeb and loser and sexing. He won in the end which is ironic. bc he is a loser himself. Just kidding. He might be reading this...Anyways, I want to keep playing. It makes me feel old. and I like old. People. Next game will be soon. Ive got confidence in me just like Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music. and we all know she won in the end. The key to victory is not confidence. Its Julie Andrews. I read her biography. I know all the becoming a movie star. and in becoming a successful scrabble player. Im becoming a smarter human being bc of scrabble. I know it. In my heart. I used my heart once in the scrabble match.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day was Saturday. I had high hopes of blogging on that day but was too busy. Sitting on babies. and beating them in Mario Brothers. But lets save that for a different post. Eunice saw what people didnt see. She started the Special Olympics. She had this passion for Special Needs kids and simply did something great about it. She touched so many lives. She interacted with so many kids. Talked with them and told them to be great and try hard. She had the vision to speak for those that couldnt speak. The world is forever changed by what she did. I had a chance to go to the Special Olympics this year in Nebraska. It was such a sight to see all those kids play sports. To see their hearts. Their hearts in action. It was inspiring. I am still learning so much about what she did. I want to be like her. She had a beautiful heart. and face.

At the Special Olympics they had a huge dinner tribute for her. She passed away just last year. While I was at this tribute all the old ladies that were serving were wearing pins and scarves with her face on it. I asked one where they got them and she said they were specially made for this tribute. Only 50 were made for the old lady volunteers. The old lady gave it to me bc she doesnt wear pins. She gave me a big hug and I nearly cried. How nice. She has no idea I wear it every day.

I am blogging in my Autumnal room. In my Autumnal sweats. With my Autumnal music. Surrounded by my Autumnal lights and pumpkins. Autumnly, of course.