Thursday, September 16, 2010


Its not hard for me to really be thankful for people in my life. People always say that they dont know what they have till its gone, well I am always constantly thinking of how grateful I am for the people that are in my life. I really have this appreciation.

Last night I was babysitting the Fountains and we usually do something adventurous. We had a picnic on the trampoline and then watched Up and ate popcorn with blankets. Those kids are so special to me. It was a magical moment. We even star gazed. I told them how big God is.

Abi Huckabee broke her ankle on tuesday. I spent the day in the doctors office with her. I practiced what Im gonna draw on her cast. Hieroglyphics. A step by step drawing of what happened. She fell on someones foot playing volleyball and twisted her ankle. It was a tied game and she won it for us. PTL. Fortunately for me I have her crutches to play on at the house. Im her entertainment always.