Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Air.

I like to do weird things when Im by myself. Let me tell you a secret. I trust you. Thats not the secret. This is: The song Float On by Modest Mouse just came on my M. Ward Pandora station and I got up and did some really crazy dance moves. In my room. I live for those kinds of moments. They are good for my brain. All four of them.

Some updates: Updates you might not know:
El Guapo is doing just fabulous. Its kind of you to ask. He is still so handsome. Hence his name. Age hasnt done a thing to him. He is my fighter. He is looking at me right this very second. He knows.

My ambidextrous hand is kicking. Its writing so well. Its been a little over a year since I first started. I looked at all my old wirtings from last year. I dont know how I did it. It was touch and go there in the beginning.

I am reading a new book. It is extraordinay in every way possible. Its definitely my kind of book. Sometimes I think I wrote it. The book is written from the perspective of a boy with assburgers. He is autistic and I want to know him. Its a fiction book. Rats. I wish I could just dive right into it. That was a metaphor. Only I know what Im talking about though. And maybe someone else. A secret person. Whom I am getting to know.

Today my good friend, Lindsey Grefseng told me that a boy from the Special Olympics told her to tell me hi. He wanted to know if I was coming to any of his basketball games this season. Oh I wish I could. His names Andy. He was in my profile picture once. He had the hots for me. He called me his woman. One time he told another boy to "step away from my woman." I didnt hate it. We danced together to a live band in the city lights. It was the best day of his life. He just didnt know it. Or did he? I danced with a lot of special needs boys in Nebraska. It was the best day of MY life. And I knew it.

A lot of great songs are coming on my Pandora station. No, not like Pandora Avatar. Here they are:
Tarkio- Keeping Me Awake.
Iron and Wine- Love Viligantes.
M. Ward- Chinese Translation. Todays Undertaking. Four Hours In Washington.
Veviter- Been So Long.
Wilco- Kamera.
Modest Mouse- Float On.
Eric Ziegenhagen- Heat.
Jose Ganzalez- Killing For Love.
Laura Veirs- Anne Bouny Rag.

...and the beat goes on.